I fully intended to show you a pair of finished jeans by now, but a fairly serious problem arose: blue blood. That is, the dye used in this denim will NOT stop bleeding and rubbing off onto other fabrics.


I have read elsewhere that dye bleeding from dark denims is not necessarily associated with poor quality fabric. That feels true in this case. Unfortunately, until I get a handle on this, I’m afraid to wear the jeans because blue might rub off on my other clothes or on the furniture. Not cool.

I have tried a couple of things, neither of which worked. First, I soaked my jeans in white vinegar as suggested on Eat Sleep Denim. While that didn’t do any good in this case, I was interested to find out that the vinegar smell doesn’t persist after washing the fabric, so I will keep this in my arsenal for other dye jobs.

Next, I tried washing my jeans in Synthrapol, which is supposed to remove loose dye particles which haven’t bonded to the fabric. I may not have used enough in the wash, or this just may not be the product for this fabric/dye combination. I might try it one more time. If that doesn’t work, I might try using Retayne, a dye fixative.

Now, if that doesn’t work, and if my jeans haven’t shrunk from all that washing, I could try bleaching them as a last resort. I generally prefer dark jeans, but will settle for something lighter. It might be fun to try out some of the distressing techniques I’ve read about here and there on the internet. If I can’t wear the jeans, I’m going to have fun beating them up!

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