Yesterday, some of my knitting friends and I attended Skacel‘s 25th Anniversary. If you’re a knitter, you might be familiar with their fabulous Addi needles.

All of us expected to have a nice time, but we were bowled over by how extravagant the celebration was. The company had set up a carnival/German-style beer garden in the parking lot outside their building. Everything was free…beer, sausages, potato salad, giant pretzels, strudel…MMMMMM

skacel 539

We even got to see Elizabeth Zimmermann’s set of knitting needles!

skacel 536

My friend Ariel won a set of Addi interchangeable lace point knitting needles and Regan scored a bag of yarn and some size 19 24-gold plated knitting needles.

skacel 541

skacel 537

For my own efforts at throwing ping pong balls into rainboots and zauberballs into knitted tubes, I brought home a fabulous stein and a skein of Trekking sock yarn.

skacel 544

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