While I was working, I had little time left for sewing, but that didn’t mean I gave up on fashion altogether. I decided to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on the skill-building in clothing construction, I focused on styling clothes. I thought it would be an easier task, but it’s proved challenging to style outfits in a way that was both modern and interesting.

I’ve found a lot of guidance on a fashion forum called You Look Fab. One of the inspiring members there, Ornella, sets up weekly challenges for herself, which help her figure out how she can work with certain elements in her wardrobe. A few of the YLF members, including myself, decided to play along during jacket week. Here’s the series of outfits I came up with. Most of the clothes were commercially made, except for the denim jacket, the grey t-shirt, the lime t-shirt, the red shell and the full black skirt.

Day 1: Knit jacket with belt.

Day 2: Black wrap front jacket over my new satin dress.

Day 3: Military-esque jacket over bright lime t-shirt and wool plaid skirt with ruffles.

Day 4: Chanel-style boxy jacket. I intended to wear this with a pencil skirt, but I couldn’t finish sewing it in time. I’m not crazy about the fuller skirt with this, but thought it was worth a try.

Day 5: The plan was I would wear my home-sewn denim jacket with skinnies and a scarf; however, I wasn’t sold on this dark denim with black pants. Not to mention it was seriously cold and rainy outside, so I opted for a sweater.

And, oh yes, I chopped off all my hair. My husband isn’t exactly smitten with it, but I am enjoying the change.

More sewing will be forthcoming since I’ve unexpectedly found myself with more free time. For some time at least, I’ll keep posting “what I wore” type pieces as I explore new ways to style my garments. Suggestions are always welcome!

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