I have memories of summers that were so hot all one could do is sit in a shady spot panting and fanning oneself and complaining about the heat. During one of those summers, I would have loved to have a pair of comfortable shorts like these. Instead, I had some terrible shorts that were too short in the crotch and were painful to sit in. I thought I would be proactive this year and make some that fit. Unfortunately (or fortunately–because I really don’t like weather that’s very hot), the weather hasn’t made these shorts an “essential” part of my wardrobe, but I’ll be prepared should things get back to normal.


If I ever move to the Sahara, Burda Style 07-2009-113 will be my tried-and-true shorts pattern. This is the perfect shorts pattern for me: no pleats to make my bottom half look even bigger than it is, cuffs for a bit of style and the option to add a welt pocket to the back.


Another bonus: they were easy to sew too! I didn’t follow the construction order suggested by the magazine. I like to work darts and the fly front first. It’s just easier.

This fabric was left over from my capris. I love it when I can use every last bit of fabric!


I didn’t add the welt this time around, because these shorts were supposed to be a “wearable muslin.” I did a little fit-as-you go sewing and then altered my pattern pieces so I can make the appropriate changes with less fuss on another pair.

When first looking at these pictures, I was perplexed to see the fold of fabric over the backside. I swore I didn’t see anything like that when I was checking them out in my full length mirror. It turns out, I just didn’t press the seam allowance very well and it was causing some trouble. That’s all sorted out now.

I’m giving up on sewing summer clothing now. I’m going to work on things that are appropriate for early fall. I’ve been sewing up muslins/toiles of blouses. NOT EASY. I still have so much to learn! I will persevere.

Complete pattern review here.

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