I just learned to spin at the end of January, so realize I need to put in a lot more practice to achieve a consistent yarn; however I was wondering if any of you have tips to create relatively consistent-sized yarn from the beginning to the end of a project.

spinning merino

For example, I tried spinning a few ounces of merino. When I started out, I produced very irregular and generally thick singles. Just for practice I plied that. Then, I started producing a somewhat thinner yarn and its consistency improved. Toward the end, my yarn was very fine. Obviously, the practice was paying off. However, if I wanted to knit with this yarn, I’d run into some problems. One end of the yarn would be bulky/aran weight and the other would be a light worsted weight.

Is this an issue that will resolve itself with further practice? Or are there methods for reminding yourself how thick/thin to draft the wool supply?

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