I’m feeling stoked. I finished a sweater for myself–the first in all too long–and love how it turned out.

Mondo Cable Cardi

This is the Chicknits Mondo Cable Cardi, a fantastic pattern and very easy to knit. When I started knitting this, I was primarily attracted to the tall buttoned-up collar. When I finished knitting it, I had grown partial to the collar sans buttons. This may or may not have had something to do with how scratchy the yarn is.

Mondo Cable Cardi

I’ll sometimes wear the cardi open and, when I feel I need a little more “closure,” I’ll pin the fronts closed with one of my grandmother’s brooches.

The Chicknits sample was knit with a smooth, elegant yarn. Just for fun, I subbed in Plymouth tweed, which is just about as rustic as they come. I love the depth of color and how “crunchy” it is. The cables really pop. It was quite rough on the fingers when I was knitting it, but softened up considerably after a wash.

Now, I’m busy daydreaming about what I’ll knit next. I’m supposed to be working on a cardigan for Robert–which I am in fits and starts–but would really like to tackle something else for myself. Currently, several members of my knitting group are working on Aidez, which my lemming-like soul was also drawn to. I’ve bought some yarn and am swatching. Soon, I’ll either be knitting that or something completely different, depending on how my swatches turn out.

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