Is this how I’m going to look some day in the near future (although not quite as cute)?

basket case

I have a feeling all of my hobbies are going to turn me into a basket-case, but right now, I’m enjoying them. Today, I took a drop spindle class and feel positively giddy about the craft. IT’S SO AMAZINGLY FUN. I’m pretty sure the instructor thought I was nuts when I starting giggling as I began plying my yarn. It looks like a wooly candy-cane.

My first yarn

How awesome is that? Well, all right, it’s uneven and made up of various samples (Coopworth, BFL and Finn Top), so it’s not something anyone in their right mind would want to use, but I’m darned proud of it.

I bought enough roving to spin yarn for a cowl. So excited!

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