If I were a better blogger, I would have written about these as I made them, but I’ve been too excited to put down the beads and wire to type. This is fun, fun, fun. I think I’m really a magpie–I love shiny things.

silver flowers

I strung beads and charms onto memory wire for this pretty choker. I wasn’t sure how comfortable something like this would be to wear, but it turns out to be just fine. In fact, I liked it so much, I made a coordinating set of earrings. I believe the round beads are moss agate–very pretty. They run from a bluish-grey to a dark, forest green.

golden earrings

I’m not as crazy about this batch, partly because I don’t like the look of gold as much, but they were fun to make. Of course, I’ll be wearing the hearts on Valentine’s Day.

charm bracelet

I got on a roll making wire wrapped loops…and this charm bracelet materialized. My daughter refers to it as the “noisy bracelet” since the beads rattle whenever I move my arm.

Granny Square Earrings

These are kind of chintzy and certainly won’t stand up to much abuse, but I just had to try making them. I crocheted the granny squares using 26 gauge dead soft artistic wire. It’s brighter than actual silver and kind of reminds me of soda cans, i.e. not the most elegant metal. Anyway, this project was somewhat challenging. My first attempts were…amusing :) The pendants are some sort of acrylic material (I think) and are lightweight.

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