I finished sewing a pair of trousers and thought they were pretty nice. Then I took photos and wanted to toss them into the barbecue, pour lighter fluid on them and then strike a match.

Really, they’re not too bad from the front, perhaps a little saggy at crotch level, but I was willing to live with that.

Jalie 2909 Trousers - Front

Then I had a look at the back. Eek gad.

Jalie 2909 Trousers - Back

That undies show-through is nothing short of embarrassing.

I also thought I had the waistband adjusted properly, but look at the enormous gaposis that resulted:

Jalie 2909 Trousers - Waistband

I could carry a small child in that gap. Who needs a sling or Baby Bjorn when you could just stuff baby in your pants, kind of like a kangaroo in reverse?

The pattern isn’t bad–this is Jalie 2909 stretch trousers. They’re based on the same block as the jeans I love so much. I don’t imagine fixing the problems I encountered would be any more difficult that adjusting any pants pattern; however, I don’t think this is what I want in a pair of trousers. I don’t want trousers that fit like jeans. I want trousers that fit like trousers should–elegantly fitted through the waist and hip and looser down the leg.

This is not the pants pattern I was looking for.

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