Oh. My. Gawd. I’m so exhausted after this past week. I just threw a big bash for my husband’s 40th birthday. On one of the only sunny and warm days of this month, we hosted a barbecue and badminton tournament in our backyard. Friends and family came from near and far to wish him well on this special occasion.

Unfortunately, I totally failed to take a decent picture of the event or my husband on his big day. Hopefully one of his relatives managed to do so. However, I did create a fun Powerpoint slideshow for the event which documented his life from the time he was a bouncing baby boy to his current slam-dunking stature. That took a crazy amount of time and we had some technical difficulties, i.e. it’s hard to operate computer equipment with lots of beer in your system.

In addition to shopping and cooking and playing hostess to our out-of-town guests, I edited the last PTA newsletter of the school year, accompanied my daughter at her first piano recital and cheered on my son as he tested for his yellow belt at his Taekwondo club.

Orange Belt Form Yellow Belt

I also took engagement photos for my brother-in-law and his fiancee…



… discussed a new contract job with my old law firm, nursed my mother back to health after she came down with the stomach flu, revised my sister-in-law’s resume and chaperoned my daughter’s kindergarten class on a field trip to the zoo in a downpour.

So, I haven’t managed to get much sewing done. It’s quiet here today, so I’m going to enjoy some “Me-time.” Woo hoo!

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