As chance would have it, both Tasia and I created red dresses recently. Hers turned out splendidly and she’s using it as a bargaining chip to get her husband to take her out to a fancy restaurant.

Me-Made-May: Day 27

My red dress is not getting me a gourmet meal and a night out on the town. Instead, I’m eating frozen pizza and watching TV with the family.

This is my second attempt at Butterick 5315 and it is certainly better than the prototype, which inspired a vituperative review on PR. The pattern isn’t the creation of the devil, as I might have implied in that review. I suspect my disappointment was the result of user error, rather than bad pattern design. I’ve learned a thing or two since then, i.e. I need a FBA in 99.9999% of the patterns I encounter and it’s ok to change things like where the waist seam falls. I moved mine down by about 1/2″ and it feels much more comfortable than where the pattern would have put it.

Me-Made-May: Day 27

I like the pleats, the Peter Pan collar and the short and flirty length. It’s cute, but not too demure due to the racy color–wait, I take that back. Robert just said I look like Little Red Riding Hood.

What I do not like–in addition to critical commentary from Robert–is how the vertical darts look. I’ve adjusted them a couple of times, and no matter what I seem to do, I can’t get rid of the “puffiness” at the top of the darts. Well, if I’ve managed to learn enough to make this dress wearable, I’ll eventually learn to make those sorts of darts right.

I’m done with this particular pattern, though. It won’t be the go-to dress pattern I had envisioned it becoming. What I think I need to do is copy someone, like Tasia, who has better fashion sense. I don’t think her husband called her “Little Red Riding Hood!”

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