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Minutes after my husband walked in the door the other night, he asked, “so, what craft project went horribly wrong today?” This wasn’t a snarky comment. It was a sympathetic one. He came prepared to provide comfort to someone who has been going through an unfortunate phase with her creative efforts. I had such high [...]


My baby turned six yesterday, and we celebrated with a small group of family and friends. It couldn’t have been a more laid-back and fun party. I had some “just in case” ideas for party games, but Claire and her friends had plenty of fun playing in the back yard, drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles [...]


I finished my first crochet project and I love her! I want to keep her for myself, but this little lady is meant for better company, i.e. Claire, the birthday girl. A ladybug doll is one of the few things Claire requested. Unfortunately, the stores don’t carry plush ladybugs, so I naturally decided to make [...]

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    • February Lady Sweater 14 March 2014

      02/17/13 - It’s definitely on the small side. I would prefer more ease, but think I’ll get some wear out of this sweater. I also think it may have been a poor choice in project for me. While it was fun to knit, the FO reminds me a little too much of maternity wear. On to BIGGER and BETTER things :)

      02/12/13 - Unblocked, this fits my 8 yo daughter. Hopefully, it will fit me post-blocking. I don’t usually use this many pins when blocking a sweater, but I’m determined to boss my knitting around.

      If it fits me, when done, then that’s ok. If it fits my daughter when done, that’s ok too. If it fits neither of us, I’m going to be a sad little knitter.

      When I cast on for this, I was concerned about the super wash yarn growing a lot during the blocking process. Now that I’ve mostly knit the sweater, I’m concerned that it’s not going to grow enough. It’s rather small.

    • Gelsomina 6 March 2014
    • Shimmer in Blue 6 March 2014

      190 grams two skeins.

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