As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been working steadily on creating two costumes for my sister-in-law’s production of Winnie the Pooh. I’m making an outfit for a skunk (the tail is a MAJOR engineering project) and for Eeyore…and, if I have time, I need to make a new hood for Piglet (the theater’s old one is shabby or fits poorly or something…). Anyway, whenever I have labor intensive projects like these on the go, I like to reward myself with “quickies” along the way.

Throw pillows are perfect little sewing pick-me-ups. I made two for my daughter.

Giggling During

The pink pillow on top is constructed from a felted sweater and closed on one end with ribbons. Simple but pretty!

Giggling during

The floral pillow is made from rescued pieces from a store bought pillow that fell apart years ago. I had to do a little bit of creative bleaching to brighten it up a bit and had to sew around some holes that developed in the fabric. I also used two fun trims…one is a narrow green and pink loopy trim and the other has green and pink feathery bits poking out from one edge (how do you like these technical descriptions?). I hope the thing last more than a few days! It’s nice to have all those bits and pieces out of my stash closet.

Icky Mousepad

This morning, I was overcome with the desire to do something about the nasty mouspad we had next to our family computer. I browsed around the internet and found many tutorials for sprucing up mousepads, but decided against anything pieced. I wasn’t sure how much seam lines would affect the mouse’s performance. I decided to try out 12-22′s method and it worked out great.

Mousepad Recovered

Much better with chuckling pirates!

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