Call me Ahab.

Let me introduce you to my Moby D*ck:

New Look 6407

This is New Look 6407, which comes highly recommended by a whole slew of seamstresses on Pattern Review. The pattern has been swimming in the great ocean of my stash for many years now, and, since it’s marked “easy,” I thought I’d be able to whip the thing up in a week or so.

Make that a couple of months. I started out by making the shirt too small. And then I made it too big. (Perhaps I should be tying this to Golidlocks rather than Captain Ahab). To make it “just right,” I thought all I’d have to do is do a simple full bust adjustment. You can see where that got me.


In an Ahab-like manner, i.e. completely obsessed, I worked up muslin after muslin (we’re talking nearly a dozen) until I got the fit as good as I could make it. It’s certainly not perfect. The shirt is a wee bit too snug around the hips and it still falls to my back, but it’s good enough for now, and I’m celebrating!

Here’s a summary of all the changes I made:

* 1″ FBA using the FFRP method

* Forward shoulder adjustment – although the shirt still seems to be falling toward my back. I’ll need to try another method next time…or make the alteration more dramatic.

* Narrow shoulder adjustment.

* Sloping shoulder adjustment.

* Shortened sleeve cap and reduced sleeve cap ease.

* Sway back adjustment. This mostly worked…however, it still bunches there a bit. I’m not sure if I need to make the back narrower altogether or make the Sway Back adjustment deeper or just leave it the heck alone.

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