According to “people in the know,” cozies, such as the DKNY Cozy, are going to be all the rage this season.

Now, I’m not generally one to sport fashion fads, having given that up sometime around the seventh grade, but this one appealed to me. How fun is it to be able to change your outfit simply by slinging it across your body differently? Or by tying knots here and there?

I was sold by Christine’s version–and by all of those I saw via the Pattern Review Sew Along.

Simplicity 2603-composite

I had this lovely doubleknit in my stash for a few months. It’s my absolute favorite color. I like greens of all sorts, but this yellow-y apple green makes me salivate. It turned out to be the perfect weight and draped beautifully.

The only problem I encountered with the fabric was there was a definite right and wrong side, which I didn’t notice when I first cut out the pieces. You’re supposed to cut out the fronts on a single layer of the fabric, which I did, but forgot to flip over the pattern and ended up with two right side pieces. I had to run back to the fabric store for extra material.

The cozy is very easy to sew and the instructions are straightforward enough; however, I have a few suggestions for you. First of all, cut out all your pieces using a rotary cutter. If you cut smoothly enough, you can avoid having to hem the garment, since many knits don’t unravel/fray. I chose to do that to avoid hems that might interfere with the drape of the piece.

Secondly, instead of sewing in the elastic on one side of the back neck seam allowance, sew it into the interior of one of the SA flaps:





Also, don’t bother to sew along each edge of the elastic. I found that a sewn out zig-zag accomodated the stretch better and kept both edges of the elastic nice and flat.


Once you have the elastic sewn in, you can serge the seam and the elastic will be fully enclosed–never to be seen again.

Another construction change I’d suggest is to sew the sleeves in flat. If you’re easily confused like myself, and find your mind wandering when you sew, then you don’t want to try easing those sleeves in. You might end up sewing one sleeve in upside down so the seam lies on the top of your arm. It’s not an attractive look and it’s remarkably uncomfortable.

Most people won’t have to make fit adjustments with this pattern–which is FANTASTIC. I could see changing the length if you’re on the short side. I’m 5’7″ and the cozy is really long even for me. If I decide to wear it with the fronts hanging down, I’ll definitely find something longer than the skirt I’m wearing here…possibly pants.

Also, the sleeves are very snug, even on my thin arms. You definitely want to wear a sleeveless shell underneath the cozy. I think it would look best worn with a matching shell, such as the one provided with the pattern. I’d need at least another yard to make one for myself. I’m trying to avoid the fabric store, though, so that will have to wait!

I have one conundrum about my cozy though: Is there any way to make the knot in the rear a little nicer looking?

Simplicity 2603-back

All in all, I really like the cozy and think I’ll be wearing it a lot this season.

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