So, on a lark–and because I can’t really get enough of talking about sewing–I volunteered to manage one of the contests at Pattern Review and the Fall 2009 Wardrobe Contest was placed into my care. There’s been a fantastic response so far and I’m hoping more people will sign up.

Even if the number of garments required (ten!) seems like a lot, you have three months to work on them and can make multiples of any pattern. Heck, even if you don’t finish all ten garments, and only end up with one good one, you’ve gained something by trying, right?

I couldn’t just sit back and look at all the wonderful things people are planning to sew for this without wanting to do the same thing. As contest manager, I can’t compete, but I can sew along. So, here’s my plan–a knockoff of a Boden wardrobe:


As much as I’d like to, I simply can’t afford to clothe myself in the originals–but I can sew some items that look a lot like them, since they’re fairly basic designs. I think the key will be finding fabrics in the right colors and prints…stripes and polka dots!

Many contest participants are sewing some fairly elaborate clothes. They look like they’ll be stunning. I’m always tempted to sew things like that, but end up not wearing them that often. I’m trying to discipline myself to sew more regular, everyday wear. T-shirts and trousers? Perfect for me!

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