I did it! I sewed something for myself that fits.

Vogue 8386

This is Vogue 8386, which is a very popular design on Pattern Review. The good thing about popularity is being able to draw on lots of other people’s wisdom and experience when putting that popular thing together yourself.

For example, the instructions described an extremely convoluted method for assembling the bodice and lining. In reading various reviews, I stumbled across the Slapdash Sewist’s much more elegant method of accomplishing this.

The dress practically sewed itself. You know something’s going well when you don’t have to fight it every step of the way. The fabric behaved itself, my seams matched up without any fuss…it was just fun.

There are only three issues. One, I’m not happy with my hemming job. I tried using a twin needle, which is usually a great way to hem knits. No matter how narrow the space between the needles and how loose my tension, the fabric still tunneled between the rows of stitches. It’s kind of distracting. Next time, I’ll opt to handsew the hem. Unfortunately, I can’t rip and redo this because the fabric doesn’t hold up well to a lot of seam ripping. Don’t ask how I know, lol.

Two, the top center portion of the back gaps a little when I rotate my arms. It’s not a big deal, but were I to do this again, I’d take a wedge out of the back to cinch it up a bit.

Finally, I desperately need a new bra to wear with this. My comfortable bras are all too high cut to wear with a plunging neckline like this. The one I’m wearing in the picture does not fit right and makes me look like I have four breasts instead of just two (which is just not a good look for human females).

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