I have a confession to make. I am completely obsessed with sewing. So complete is my obsession that I resent having to take out time to do other things like eating and sleeping. I attribute this phase to a “eureka” moment I had recently about getting things to fit me. That was my big stumbling block for so long–and now that it’s gone, I want to sew all the wonderful patterns I’ve got filed away.

I’ve been busy test fitting garments by first pinning together the tissue pattern pieces (often retraced onto separate tissue to keep the original intact) and sometimes sewing up muslins, i.e. test pieces out of cheap fabric. It’s going really well, but I don’t have much to show for it yet.

Folks, I’ve got to air a pet peeve of mine. The term is MUSLIN–ending with an N. Muslin is a type of fabric. Many people seem to confuse this term with MUSLIM, which is a practitioner of a certain religion.

Stepping off my soapbox for the moment…

In the meantime, I’ve stitched up some garments, which required less fitting work than what I hope to make in the future. Here’s the pajama pants I made using the instructions in Heather Ross’ book, Weekend Sewing:

PJ Pants for Sam and Claire

They turned out great and are extremely comfy. I made a pair for myself out of the same fabric as Claire’s. I’m going to make many more of these!

I also stitched up what I’m thinking of as a “lady of leisure uniform.” I really should be sipping (a) martini(s) when dressed up like this:

My Crazy New Outfit

While the design is fairly simple, it was my first time sewing on knit fabric and I’m thrilled to report I got the hang of it. I read Wendy Mullin’s book, Home Stretch, and studied my machine’s manual before I began. I do not have a serger (nor can I afford one right now), but am glad I can do a nice job with these fabrics. I’m planning on sewing some t-shirts for myself and the kids…special t-shirts…fun!

Finally, Robert cleaned out his closet to make room for some new spring clothing he purchased. This made me giddy with excitement–not because we would be getting rid of a pile of stuff that was cluttering up our home–oh no! I was excited because all that fabric could be cut up and used to make something new and fun.


I’m going to use some of the fabrics to make blouses for myself. I’ll use others to make shirts for Sam.

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