I finished knitting my fair-isle yoke sweater and it has the potential of being my absolute most favorite sweater ever. There’s just one major problem, and, being as knocked up on cold medications as I am, I’m pretty sure I’m in no condition to make a rational decision about how to fix that problem.

The sleeves are two-and-a-half inches too long. That’s a lot. The sleeves don’t just graze my knuckles, they completely blanket them.


As I see it, I have two options.

Option A

Rip out the yoke. Rip out 2.5 inches of each sleeve. Re-knit.

Option B

Cut off sleeves. Rip out 2.5 inches. Graft back together.

In theory, Option B would be a lot less work. I’m worried that my grafting skills are not up to par, and if I frak up the grafting, I’ll need to revert to Option A anyway and have to reknit part of the sleeves. Yuk.

I’m also a little bit disatisfied with how rumpley the lower part of the yoke is. My stranding improved significantly towards the top part of the yoke. If I re-knit it, perhaps the yoke would be more consistent and smooth???

And what will blocking do to the yoke? Will it fix the rumpleyness with which I’m unhappy?

Argh. I’m going back to bed and will deal with this when I’m feeling better. In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions, lay them on me :)

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