Sam's & Claire's Artist Trading Cards

I signed Sam and Claire up for the Kids’ Artist Trading Card Swap hosted by Wise Craft and House on Hill Road. It seemed like a wonderful activity for two young enthusiastic artists; however, kids are kind of like wild animals in that their reactions to things are not always predictable.

I was going to say it was like pulling teeth to get them to work on these cards, but with the current dental situation in our household (Sam lost a third tooth today), that would have indicated the process was an easy one. It was anything but easy. They pulled out every trick in their bags to resist my entreaties to work on the project. Eventually, I was reduced to bribing them to finish. Sam got extra computer time and Claire made me clean her room.

The things I do for art.

Despite their resistance, their artist trading cards turned out pretty cool. I LOVE Claire’s cat and bunny and Sam’s menagerie.

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