I make a lot of things for my daughter, because there are thousands upon thousands of cute patterns for girls’ outfits. For me, it’s often less tempting to make something for two of the important guys in my life, simply because there just aren’t that many exciting patterns for guy things (especially when you get to the XXL sizes my husband requires). Periodically, I think about how sad that is and how much I want to show them that I love them, so I immediately start creating something–anything–for them, whether or not they’re projects that rate high on my entertainment and satisfaction scales.

I definitely owed my son a mama-made gift. He never did get to wear that funky striped tank top I started for him years ago. Instead, his sister wears it. Stencilling a t-shirt seemed like a good idea, because I was fairly certain he’d wear it and because it wouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

Robot Parade

Mission accomplished. It turned out pretty cute and Sam’s very happy with it. My design was inspired by a favorite song of the whole family’s: Robot Parade by They Might Be Giants. (I’m not as crazy about the version I linked to here as I am about the one that came on our TMBG Here Come the ABC’s video. That version is far livelier.)

Take Me to Your Leader

Since I recently shrunk my husband’s favorite hat in the washing machine, I needed to make him a new one pronto.

spiral rib hat

This was a very easy and very quick project, especially since I doubled up some yarn and used big needles. The yarn’s pretty scratchy and I was uncertain whether or not Robert would like it, but he assures me that it’s fine and is relieved that I didn’t make something too girly for him. I don’t think it would be possible to make anything that looked less girly than this hat…I mean, it’s charcoal grey and ribbed. Nothing frilly to it at all.


This is the Spiral Rib Hat by Song Palmese, published in Ann Norling #54.

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