Like its namesake, the heroine of Shakespeare’s tragic romance, my Juliet exhibited suicidal tendencies. It tried to end its life on two occasions.


The first attempt occurred one night, when I was heading out to knit with some friends. I packed up my yarn and needles, walked out the front door and across the yard to where the car was parked. As I was unlocking the door, I caught a glimpse of something magenta shimmering in the dim illumination cast by our porch light. At first, I thought it was an interesting optical effect created by a smudge on my glasses and a beam of light. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the yarn from my sweater, caught in the front door and trailing across the yard to where I stood by the car.

Luckily, it hadn’t unraveled…much.

The second attempt happened only yesterday. I was just a few rows away from casting off, but decided I couldn’t wait any longer to vaccuum the living room. The carpet looked atrocious. Little feet had tracked in bits of leaves and grass from an earlier expedition through the back yard. Someone–and I’m not naming names, had eaten cookies and let the crumbs fall hither and thither. I just had to do something about the mess, so I put Juliet carefully down on the ottoman, and fired up the vaccuum. Yes, you guessed it, yards and yards of yarn ended up inside the vaccuum cleaner. Luckily, the yarn broke off before my sweater ended up inside the greedy machine as well.

So, now Juliet is finished and I’m happy with the way it turned out. It’s a cute, swingy little top. (My husband isn’t all that enamored with it though. He suggested I give it away to a pregnant friend. Umm…thanks, Robert!)

This photo is here just for the heck of it.

Juliet is a great stash-busting project. It doesn’t require a lot of yarn, and since it’s knit from the top-down, you can just knit until you run out. Also, it works up very quickly…unless it attempts to unravel itself by getting caught in doors or gobbled up by vaccuum cleaners!

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