Thank you for all of the positive vibes you sent our way for Sam’s surgery yesterday. It went very well and he’s healing up faster than I can believe. He actually wanted to ride his bike yesterday evening. Sadly, I had to tell him “no,” since he’s not supposed to do anything very physical for 4-5 days afterwards. The next few days are going to be a challenge–in a very good way. I’m glad he’s not feeling listless or sick–and we still have a full bottle of the pain medicine.

I finished my third Stitchette (the girl with the umbrella):

trio of stitchettes

I plan on stitching one more…and then…what? I’m not sure what to do with them. A throw pillow? A wall hanging? Frame them?

I also finished slogging through a set of photos I took at a wedding we attended last week. Claire was one of five flower girls. They were all very pretty and made the celebration really fun with their antics.


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