I’ve been complaining incessantly about the grey drizzly days we’ve been having, but today was just too hot and sunny. I’m impossible to please. I once told a coworker of mine that I would be much happier as a brain in a jar (climate-controlled, of course), but she reminded me that brains-in-jars miss out on sex, which put a damper on that fantasy as well.

I do have one good thing to dwell on, though. I finished my pink dress and it (mostly) fits and (mostly) looks nice:

Pink Dress

I tell people I sewed this dress five times. I don’t have five different dresses to show for it though. No, I sewed each seam approximately five times and tried three different types of buttons on the thing, before I found some that were innocuous enough.

I wasn’t so sure about the dress when I looked at it on the hangar, but after dancing around in it a bit, I quite like it.

Now I’m obsessing over summer blouses, skirts and shorts. They’ll be made out of cotton and linen, which are 1000000000.9999999999 times easier to sew than that crinkly stretchy unravelly pink stuff I used for the dress. Tomorrow, though, the kids have locked me into drawing time and Sam wants to grow crystals for some reason–I’m happy enough to indulge his scientific curiosity, but can’t fathom where he came up with this idea. We’re going to try this method.

In other news:

  • I was invited back to photograph Seattle Tilth’s Annual Plant Sale. (You can view the photos in my Album.) They put some of the photos on their website already. I am a much more capable photographer than I was two years ago–and that makes me feel good.
  • We found a house! We move during the week of June 19th. I’ll be glad when that ordeal is behind us.
  • Sam played soccer this morning. He’s a fantastic goalie. He didn’t let a single ball by him today. It’s great to see his confidence blossoming!
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