My kids and I have been trying out some of the ideas for creative time Amanda Soule describes in her excellent book, The Creative Family. Just wait until you see their awesome hand painted placemats! I’ve got a little bit of stitching to do before I share them with you, but trust me, they’re great. I don’t know when I last saw my kids so excited about a project.

Today, we sat down together for a little family drawing time. My kids already are confident artists and enjoy coloring and sketching, but I think having some additional bits of inspiration set out on the table and the better quality materials Amanda recommends made this an even more enjoyable experience.

Here, Sam works on a large scale grinning skull he found in one of Ed Emberly’s drawing books:

Family Drawing Time

Claire didn’t attempt to draw anything in particular, but she enjoyed experimenting with markers:

Family Drawing Time

I tried painting with watercolors, which I haven’t done in a good twenty years or so.

Family Drawing Time

I had fun–after I put a damper on my critical side and just enjoyed the process. Already I’m looking forward to our next drawing session.

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