I’m supposed to be packing, but it’s just not any fun at all, so I’m allowing myself to be distracted by anything and everything. I’m sure you can see why these cherries distracted me. They’re so sweet and luscious! Truly the essence of summer. I got a craving for them after seeing a photo on Clothesknit. Yum!

I then tried taking a photo of our sky for the Saturday sky project, but as is frequent around here, it’s just a dull shade of grey today, so I threw in the towel. The kids found it amusing to watch my antics as I squatted and rolled around the front yard to find a solitary patch of interesting sky.


Depsite the blandness of the sky, the weather’s really pleasant today. Enough so, that Robert got the kids working in the garden to harvest their “truffulas.”


Early this spring, Robert introduced the kids to The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. They grew really concerned about the dwindling presence of truffulas, so to soothe their consciences, he took them out into the yard, handed them some potatoes that had begun to sprout spidery legs, and told them they were truffula seeds. The kids planted the whole lot. I had my doubts that they would grow at all, because most things put out in February die a miserable death. Not these spuds! They’re coming up everywhere.

This is probably the last batch of veggies we’ll harvest before moving to the new place. It makes me a little melancholy to think about that.

Georgia Grows

I cheer up whenever I glance over at this little display of an embroidery project I finished last night and the marigold in the hand-decorated planter Sam gave me for Mother’s Day. These things will help me feel at home in the strange new place we’ll be inhabiting shortly.

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