Here Claire is looking at me as if to say, “what’s up, mommy?” I had to stop for a moment to catch my breath and tally up all that’s been happening.

It’s ironic that the most interesting and busy times of my life are precisely the times that allow me the least freedom for writing and thinking about what’s going on. You could surmise from the infrequency of my posting during the last several months that things have been very interesting for me…and you would be right! Selling our home, searching for a new place to live, saying “good-bye” to my brother as he moved back to Montana, helping my son through his first year of school, working on lots of craft projects, watching the antics of my daughter, cheering on my husband as he trains for the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic (STP)…things have been very interesting indeed! I really wish I had a day-to-day record of these events, and hereby resolve to make journaling higher in my list of priorities.

Toasty Toes
As I hinted above, I’ve been busy with crafting projects too. I might as well show off a couple of items I’ve completed recently! I used up some leftover yarn from my waving lace socks to make a pair for Claire, who adores purple. These toddler socks are the cutest little things! They knit up really quickly too. They’re the perfect project for someone like me who occasionally needs instant gratification.

Felted Bag

Mindless stockinette knitting is really appealing to me right now. Being as busy as I have been hasn’t left my mind in its sharpest condition. Yesterday, I accidentally threw away a bottle of pills I had just had refilled at the pharmacy, thinking it was the empty bottle. Oops! How am I going to explain that one to the pharmacist?

Anyway, a felting project turned out to be a good idea while my brain was turning into mush. I steadfastly ignored every single “mistake” I made while knitting this bag (which if you know me at all is a miracle) and not one of them is apparent after I ran the piece through the laundry machine a few times.

The bag didn’t shrink much during the felting process. I was really surprised. It turned into a lovely thick and firm fabric (yay Lopi!), but retained most of its gigantic proportions. While I was considering serveral options for making it a little smaller (pleating the sides or cutting and sewing) my mother came for a short visit, saw it and proclaimed undying love for the bag just as it was. I gladly gave her the bag and can imaging her using it to tote her projects to and from her various sewing circles. This thought makes me happy.

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