Butterfly Cupcakes

It’s surprising how quickly something that’s supposed to be a joyful occasion can turn into a total stress fest. It all started early Friday evening. One of the attorneys I work for came to me with an emergency project that just had to be completed that evening. I hauled a heavy file onto the bus with me and worked on the project during my hour-long commute home. I continued working frantically on the project when I got home, begging my husband to go pick up the kids from school and to hurry home so I could attend my yoga class.

I finished the project, emailed the data to the attorney and waited for my husband to return home. Thirty-five minutes after the yoga class was supposed to start, he finally showed up. There was some sort of delay at the daycare (I’m not sure what–but I’m not blaming anyone—these things happen!) and he just couldn’t get home in time for me to make the class.

I was incredibly disappointed.

To take my mind off things, I started baking the cake and cupcakes for Claire’s party. The cake partially fell and I threw a (little) temper tantrum. It turned out all right, in the end, since I was able to cut out a lot of the deflated portion:

Butterfly Cake

If you should ever take it into your head to decorate a cake with colored sugar, S.T.O.P. in your tracks. It’s incredibly messy. The kitchen floor still crunches when you walk on it, and it’s been swept up and vacuumed several times since then. hehe :)

Saturday dawned, a cold, grey and rainy day if there ever was one. So much for my plan to send all the kids out to play in the yard. Because the weather didn’t match my expectations, I had to think up alternative party games. Before anyone arrived, I enlisted the help of my niece and brother-in-law to hide rubber butterflies around the living room and dining room.

When the guests first arrived, they decorated gift bags with butterfly stickers and markers. (Unsurprisingly, most of the older boys weren’t too interested in this. The younger ones loved it though!) I then sent the kids hunting for butterflies around our home. They collected their treasures in the decorated bags. This was a great hit. As this was winding down, my niece and I “tatooed” guests with butterflies and flowers.

My husband then surpervised a bowling bunnies game, while I organized the gifts and set up the cake service. The kids loved this too. There was a lot of giggling and carrying on :)

Claire was totally overwhelmed by all of the activity. We couldn’t get her to smile once during the party. She wouldn’t even blow out her candles, and that’s the one thing she requested for her birthday. Afterwards, though, she assured us that she enjoyed herself. I know for a fact that she adores the six pair of dress up shoes and the Dora-the-Explorer toy store she received.

Opening Presents

She was completely spoiled by all of her wonderfully generous friends!

Despite all of the stress, it turned out to be a delightful party.

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