What makes a grown woman jump up and down hollaring like a cheerleader on crack? Why a finished pair of hand-knitted socks:

Finished Feather and Fan Socks!

They turned out GREAT. I’m so thrilled with them. The only thing I might have changed would be the length of the cuff, which is a tad short, but that’s a minor, minor thing in my opinion. I just love these socks. I love the yarn (Lorna’s Laces sock yarn would be my choice if I were stuck on a desert island with only one type of yarn). I love the color. And once I slipped them on my feet, I didn’t ever want to take them off.

They’re almost better than dark Belgian chocolate. Almost. Chocolate is just one of those things that will always supercede everything else as far as self-indulgence goes, you know? (My mother could live without the stuff. I just cannot comprehend that.)

The other highlight of my weekend was watching my son at basketball practice.

The Thunderbolts at Practice

Honestly, there isn’t much that’s more entertaining than a bunch of kindergartners playing basketball. These kids are just too cute!

(Sam’s the one in the foreground, running for all he’s worth. Coach Robert (Daddy) is the big guy in the yellow shirt.)

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