So far, it’s been pretty easy to squeeze in at least one meal per week featuring local food. With my busy schedule, the hardest part has been taking time out to actually cook something, rather than resorting to frozen dinners or pre-washed salads straight from the grocery store.

This weekend, I baked rhubarb muffins, using locally grown rhubarb. They’re pretty good, but I’m sure the family would have liked something sweeter, such as blueberry muffins.

My Garden

We’ve also been eating salads harvested from our garden. The most delicious one consisted of the micro greens mix (which has become more of a macro greens mix), chopped Washington apples, raisins, nuts, green onions and a DELICIOUS soy-ginger vinaigrette found in the Simply Seasonal cookbook. I’m going to try to recreate that this evening.

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