We had a busy but enjoyable weekend. On Saturday, I realized my dream of visiting the Skagit Valley tulip fields:

Red Tulips

Tulips Tulips Everywhere...

The second photo was spotlighted on Utata yesterday!

We lucked out with some glorious spring sunshine, but the chilly winds cut short Robert’s and the kids’ exploration of the fields. The kids wanted to stick by Daddy, who, despite packing changes of clothing and coats for the kids, forgot to bring his own coat. He took them back to the indoor display area and hung out by a space heater, while I traversed each row and took a hundred or so photos.

I enjoyed the trip, but wish I could have photographed the kids squatting among the tulips :) Maybe next time!

We spent Sunday in the yard, mowing the lawn, cleaning up weeds and other debris, and double-digging a new veggie bed, where we planted some Yukon Gold potatoes. Our veggies are growing like crazy, thanks to the warm temps and the bright April sunshine. We’re feeling very optimistic about our first attempt at growing edibles and can hardly wait to harvest some of them!

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