Thank you so much for checking in with me to see if everything is all right. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your emails sooner. You’re all such kind friends and I hate feeling as though I’m neglecting you.

I’m doing well, but have been extremely busy with work. Two of the large cases which I’m working on are going to trial in the near future (one was scheduled to start last week, but the judge keeps post-poning it–argh!) My days are hectic and I’ve had little energy for knitting and keeping up the website. I’ll post more regularly as soon as things calm down a little bit.

And just because I’m a proud mama, I have to tell you that Claire now has TWO teeth and has started crawling. She gets into everything and is driving Sam crazy. He runs around the house yelling “Claire’s coming! Claire’s coming!” hehe

P.S. Becky, thank you for sending my book back. It arrived safe & sound. I hope you were able to put it to good use smile

P.P.S. My email address has changed. I’m using my quixoticpixels address. You can find it on my design site smile

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